Beat Your Friends When Playing SingStar® on PlayStation®

PlayStation® SingStar®

PlayStation® SingStar®

If you want to beat your friends when playing SingStar® on PlayStation® you must first know how to sing or at least mimic better than the other.

In order to be the best you must practice. Practicing how to sing becomes a lot easier with karaoke because the machine is designed to teach, all you have to do is take advantage of it. Participate in contests or host them yourself for better practice.

Learning how to sing is only the beginning of becoming a champion, next you master the technique in which you establish for yourself that will be unique from all the other, if you want sole bragging rights, you have to be different to win.

Outside of having a unique style, that style has to include charisma. Every singer has charisma in order to command the stage and the situation. Don’t let the moment get away from you and the only way you’re going to be able to accomplish that will be with charisma.

Now you must ask yourself why. Why do you want to beat your friends at playing SingStar® on the PlayStation®? If you’re a competitor like me, then you know there is no better feeling then the thrill of victory; and no worse feeling then the agony of defeat. With winner comes status and with status comes bragging rights. It’s just like having the sexiest girlfriend in the neighborhood and the most handsome boyfriend around the way. There’s no better feeling than winner, so do not settle for second best and you’ll be the SingStar® King!

One final note, do not take winning for granted because some of the best loser became the greatest winner. It’s only a game, but a game in which SOMEONE HAS TO WIN, why not let it be you.

SingingSuperstarBoxDo You Want to be a Singing Superstar?

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