How To Become The Next Singing Superstar

The next Singing Superstar?

The next Singing Superstar?

Do you want to be the next singing superstar to emerge in the industry? If so, there are a couple of things you should do.  No singing sensation ever reached where they are by just sitting around and writing music. In fact, most of them even don’t write their own music. They sing what songwriters compose for them.

To be a star, you have to improve your singing skills. This can be done by proper voice training either by on your own or with the help of a vocal coach. It is important to find someone who is singing or has song to music school to help you with proper voice training. Singing is not just a matter of producing sounds; you have to hit different pitches for different notes. A professional coach will be your best option in your training.

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You also have to take care of your voice for you to be a singing superstar. Refrain from activities that may prove detrimental to the voice such as drinking and smoking. These two activities distort your voice chords and will make you sound hoarse.  You should also practice proper hygiene on your throat. Keep it clean and drink lots of water. It is advisable that the throat is kept moist most of the time. This will enable you to project clear sounds and is especially important when you are going to perform.

Finally, do throat practice sessions regularly. This can be as simple as saying loudly the alphabetical letters that are projected from inside the throat, i.e. the letters “o” and “e”. This is a popular throat exercise that is advocated by many voice specialists.

To emerge as the next singing superstar, you have to work extra hard than your competition and keep practicing. Practice sessions are important as they enable you to improve your voice.

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Kelly Michaels

Kelly Michaels

Independent Reviewer