How to choose the best karaoke songs

karaoke songs

karaoke songs

There is an art to karaoke. You can’t just stand there and mouth the words. You’re there, right in front of everyone, and if you don’t perform then you’re left embarrassed and ashamed. What can be done?

There are three elements that must be included in your act for you to be a success. You need to have showmanship; passion; and you need to have great karaoke songs.

Him or Her

The showmanship can be worked on and the passion is developed over time; but the right song is imperative. First you need to know where you’re singing. Naturally, karaoke at a church dinner will sound different than karaoke at a pub, bar or party. So you need to know what the people are going to want to hear.

There are basically three rules when you’re picking music:

  • Who are you singing to
  • What will they want to hear; is it appropriate
  • What songs are available
  • Do you know the song well enough to perform it well

Who Will Hear and Will They Like It?

Are you singing at a wedding reception? Probably won’t want to sing about a breakup. Signing at a bar? You’ll want a crowd pleaser. Along with any performance comes the big step of evaluating and audience and singing to them the songs they want to hear.

Wherever you go, there are literally thousands of songs for every occasion. If there is karaoke at a wedding reception, pick a song that isn’t just a schmaltzy love song. Pick one that means something to the bride and groom. At a birthday, sing to the birthday boy or girl personally. It will make the day memorable.

Making the Memory

When you decide to sing for someone, you need to remember that you’re singing TO them, not at them. Karaoke allows you to put into a song what you can’t say with words. Let the artists write the songs, but with karaoke you get to make them yours. Take a step towards making someone’s day really matter.

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Kelly Michaels

Kelly Michaels

Independent Reviewer