Learning how to sing is fun

Learning how to sing

Learning how to sing

There are many things that are not fun to learn. Learning how to break your nose will never be enjoyable. But learning how to sing was, is, and always will be a joy for anyone with an ear for music.

How often have you been at home when a song comes on and you belt it out, and even you know it sounds bad? When that happens, a simple trip to the old karaoke machine can straighten out that problem right away.

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The Better Way to Go

The first thing to remember when you’re practicing is that it takes time for a diamond to form from coal. Don’t just jump into the process with the notion you’re going to be great after one or two times. It takes patience and perseverance.

When you’ve gotten all your songs ready and your machine is all set, now is the time you find out if you know how to sing. So get ready, press play, and get your groove on.

Getting Your Groove Back

Okay, it didn’t go so well. That’s okay. One of the joys of a karaoke machine is that you can replay the song over and over and sing with it until you get it right. And notice how your arms are swinging with the rhythm, how your voice sounds strong; notice how much fun you’re having!

It’s a simple matter of how you want to spend your time. Whereas you could be satisfied with how you sound and you want to move on, or if you want to take another shot at a song you weren’t too powerful on, making sure you give yourself breathing room is important too.

Taking a Break and Starting Again

Always take a break just as you feel yourself coming down. When you’re in “The Zone” and you can feel the music flowing through you, just as you feel it lessen, take a breather. It’s better to burn out than fade away, as the song goes. Take it to heart. Have a drink and stretch your muscles; there’s a lot more work to do.

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Kelly Michaels

Kelly Michaels

Independent Reviewer