What Is Sing Star® On The PS2?

Sing Star

Sing Star

You have the opportunity to emulate your pop star hero thanks to Sing Star® on PS2.   SingStar provides something for everyone to enjoy, whether you like Legend, Anthems, or Rock. SingStar® is a little different from the usual karaoke we are used to. With it, competition is taken to the next level.  The normal karaoke usually entails rendition of popular tunes that one is accustomed to or one that is popular in the clubs. With SingStar®, you will be challenged through its “easy” difficulty level up to the “hard” score points. To reach the hard tone deaf level, you must be note perfect.

There is more fun in Sing Star®, especially the games that are included. For instance, there are duets whereby you and your partner can sing alternate parts. The one who emerges “best” at the end wins. This is a perfect way to challenge your buddy on singing the same song. The fun also comes because the performances follow each other closely and so no one has time to compose himself. It’s just instantaneous and the excitement and fun will keep you anticipating for your part to sing.

You will also enjoy the footage and original videos that are included in sing star® as you read the on-screen lyrics. You will be surprised to find out the actual word of the songs and laugh at yourself when you think of what you have been singing at family parties.

You can buy the PS2 games with the microphones. If you already have two mikes, you will only need to buy the games. Sing Star karaoke is one of the most addictive games that you will find in the market today. Go out today and have fun rendition your way through the level to see how far you can get.

SingingSuperstarBoxDo You Want to be a Singing Superstar?

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