Why Buy Expensive Karaoke Music?

Karaoke Music

Karaoke Music

Why buy expensive music when so much of it is free? This is the question that I must pose to those who seek to buy karaoke music.

People have their reasons for doing everything in life and the purchase of expensive music is no exception. There are people who would rather buy karaoke music instead of download it for free. For the life of me I really cannot understand this. Is there a reason, if so could you please enlighten me?

After presenting this question online to a few sites, my question was answered. It is stated that the main reason why some people choose to buy expensive karaoke music over the free downloadable music is because, “It’s my money and I choose to do whatever I like with it.” Come on give me a break, is that really a legitimate reason.

Another reason was that many people have to prove to others that the voice they hear on the karaoke machine is really theirs. Is this really a reason to purchase karaoke music? Personally, I don’t think so because this can be achieved through free musical downloads as well.

And the last reason why people would decide on purchasing karaoke music over the cheap free downloads is that the quality is much better, and you get what you pay for. Well, after being an avid member of downloading free music, I must confess that I’m not getting everything and some from what I didn’t pay for. If you are looking for music to use as a karaoke DJ, then I’ll readily admit, free downloads will probably not deliver the quality you’re looking for.

However, for the average teen out there, free music downloads may make a lot of sense. The younger generation, without a lot of disposable income to play with, would definitely be better off taking advantage of the opportunity of free music downloads. For their needs, you will not get anything better if you purchase it. So as the title of this article states: WHY BUY EXPENSIVE KARAOKE MUSIC? WHY?

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